the magic hours — 3 hour experience

the magic hours — 3 hour experience

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the magic hours offer an intentional consultation, ideation, and mindful lifestyle session with lauren ash. curated for black women and self-identified women of color, this is a refreshing and motivating jumpstart within which lauren offers spiritual support, entrepreneurial insight, and wellness wisdom. this is perfect for those in the beginning stages of her wellness journey, creative path, and/or wanting to recommit to herself and get crystal clear on her gifts, values, and core desires.

what to expect:

  • a mindful meditation grounding the experience and setting the intention an dthe tone

  • support around ideation and brainstorming the ideas you have so that you may turn them into actionable steps to move you towards your dreams

  • identification of where and how you may be carrying limiting beliefs, and practices you may practice to release them

  • visioning your ideal life, lifestyle, and/or career … and identifying how where you are now is or isn’t in alignment

  • pure Love, sisterhood, potent connections, and magic … and more!

what the magic hours is not:

  • a therapy session

  • business plan support or financial coaching

please note:

  • for those looking for something more long-term and in-depth, please consider signing up for the creative conjuring

  • applicants may experience the magic hours up to two times per quarter.

  • this experience is limited to a select amount of participants per quarter.

  • the magic hours may be rescheduled once, in the case of extenuating circumstances, with 24 hour notice submitted to

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