Mantra of the month: I am worthy of self celebration!

What better time to celebrate your self than now? Tomorrow isn't guaranteed, yet our society is so strange...we tell ourselves that if we work hard, usually on someone else's vision, for several decades, then we get to celebrate through "retirement." 

I choose to make room to celebrate myself, my spirit, and my accomplishments now, and often! I welcome you to do the same all month long. 

Last month's mantra encouraged me to feel limitless and this energy impacted the amazing energy that was my February and early March. I recently continued my yoga and self-care for women of color tour and ventured to Atlanta for two more transformative sold-out workshops that reached 60 amazing women.

My creative partner Deun Ivory is the visual storyteller of this tour as we believe so strongly in the importance of developing an archive of black women practicing yoga, connecting in affirming community, and prioritizing self-care. We have been recently manifesting some amazing visual projects that will reach those unable to join for a workshop! Stay tuned, or let us know if you have some ideas, too. I'm planning on Houston and D.C. for my next tour stops! Get in touch if you want me to come to your city! 

There's lots that I want to invite you to! Read on for what's up in March! And if you get value from my monthly musings, please consider donating what you can. Any bit helps!

March Thangs!

Nick, Rae, and I are taking over The Promontory in Chicago all month long with Black Joy focused programs for Women's History Month. Join usthis Friday night for our rare night party and on Sunday, March 19th for our Divine Feminine Day Party.

As part of my artist residency within Arts and Public Life at the University of Chicago, I offer a free, monthly program focused on mindfulness.Join me next Tuesday, March 14th at noon or 6:00 p.m. for Seva. All are welcome; people of color are strongly encouraged.

If you've been trying to launch or refine your creative career, join me and a handful of other amazing experts for BUNCH Mag's Get it Done Digital Conference on Friday, March 17th! Keyword: digital! You can access this conference from anywhere! I'm talking about finding work/life balance while juggling multiple projects. Sign-up here.

Yoga instructor Karla Huffman (one of my faves!) and I have partnered up on an amazing Spring Equinox event in Chicago. Join us for REFRESH, on Saturday, March 18th, for a one-hour guided meditation guided by yours truly, and a one-hour yoga session guided by Karla. This one's for the ladies!  

Been wanting to connect with other amazing business-oriented women of color in Chicago? The Queens Brunch community is for you! I'm one of their featured speakers on Sunday, March 19th! Join me!

Lastly, tune into the Black Girl in Om Podcast. We're back with season two! Deun Ivory joins as co-host and we cackle...a lot. And talk about self-care (of course)! iTunes is the best place to subscribe, but you may also find it on our website!

Thanks for reading and, as always, be well!

Lauren Ash

Mantra of the month: I find joy in discipline, knowing that it leads to self-discovery and personal development.

Mantra of the month: Where I am is not who I am.