Mantra of the month: I find joy in discipline, knowing that it leads to self-discovery and personal development.

Mantra of the month:
I find joy in discipline, knowing that it leads to self-discovery and my personal development.

Do you like the feeling of staying in one place? Of remaining the same exact person today, as you were yesterday, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and otherwise? I sure don't.

I've had some personal wellness and finance goals that I haven't moved on in quite some time. Three days ago, I woke up and felt a desire to address them head on. I realized: it's the way that I view discipline that needs to shift. Rather than viewing it as a chore or a burden, why not view it as a joyful challenge? Clearly, my life and work show that I'm not afraid of a challenge. So I'm applying this same spirit of joy in the task ahead to my personal wellness and finance goals. And I'm excited for what this month will bring me: growth, discovery, and progress! I invite you to join me! 

April, April, April. I'm presenting my first keynote talk at the 2nd Annual Teaching Artists Summit in Chicago, I'm speaking about my practice with young people enrolled in a course with my artist friend RJ Eldridge at the Art Institute, and I'm preparing for my first acceptance speech at this year's Shorty Awards! (Thank you again for voting for Black Girl In Om in the Health & Wellness category! I'm so excited to be a finalist!)

It's so affirming to be supported in sharing my story and my perspectives! If you're interested in having me speak at your workplace, school, or an upcoming conference, get in touch. From creative entrepreneurship, to the importance of wellness as women of color, I'm passionate about a number of topics and have spoken to a wide range of audiences who have felt empowered and inspired by what I've had to say (yay!).  

This month, I welcome you to join me for my upcoming events in Chicago, St. Louis, and NYC. Read on for your invites and please consider donating what you can if you find value in my monthly mantra and what I share in my monthly musings. Thank you!

Step into Spring with Me!

This Saturday, April 8th in Chicago, join Deun Ivory and I for our Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash Spring Soiree. We'll be sharing in good vibes and black girl magic at Lillistreet Art Center from 3 to 6 p.m. Come shop our gratitude and love collections in-person, and have an exclusive first peek at our newest item in the shop!

As part of my artist residency within Arts and Public Life at the University of Chicago, I offer a free, monthly program focused on mindfulness. Join me next Tuesday, April 11th at noon or 6:00 p.m. for Seva. The past two months have been absolutely incredible. If you haven't explored mindfulness through meditation or movement: this is your perfect opportunity to so do! All are welcome; people of color are strongly encouraged.

My yoga + self-care for women of color tour continues in St. Louis! I was recently featured in St. Louis-based ALIVE Magazine for the work that I'm cultivating.  You may view the digital version here! They are supporting my St. Louis workshop for women of color, next Wednesday, April 12th. For more details, click on the flyer below.

There are three more spots available for this Sunday's Black Girl In Om Self-Care Sunday! I'd love to see some new faces. I'll be guiding yoga, meditation, and dialogue all centered on the idea of spring renewal and spring clean. Register here. May registration is open, too, for those who like to plan ahead. Use my code 'LAUREN' for a discount. 


Fact: R&B is one of my favorite genres. So, you know I'm thrilled that Nick, Rae, and I are hosting our second R&B-focused Party Noire next Saturday, April 15th! Get details here.


Last, but not least, some of you all have been asking about my yoga playlists and workout mixes. You're welcome (smile).

Thanks for reading and, as always, be well!

Lauren Ash

Mantra of the month: I am worth the same amount of energy, attention, and support that I give others. Actually—I am worth more.

Mantra of the month: I am worthy of self celebration!