Mantra of the month: I am worth the same amount of energy, attention, and support that I give others. Actually—I am worth more.

Mantra of the month:
I am worth the same amount of energy, attention, and support that I give others. Actually—I am worth more. 

Does reading my May mantra give you a bit of anxiety? If it does, don't worry: it gives me lots! But, I'm trying to keep Tracee Ellis Ross' words in mind: 

“Wisdom means to choose now what will make sense later. I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me.”

Because I'm not where I want to be. Yet. But dwelling on where I am not, is useless. (And this kind of relates to last month's mantra, huh?) So, this month, I'm striving to give myself morecare, attention, and focus. Which will undoubtedly mean saying "no" more than I have lately. And being unapologetic and firm in my decision-making. Hooray for all of that! 

April was one of my most jam packed months yet. Such is the life of a creative entrepreneur...I traveled to NYC (twice) for my yoga tour, the Shorty Awards, and our second Party Noire day party; and I enjoyed my first visit to St. Louis (peep this cute recap of my event with ALIVE Mag) with Deun Ivory, among many, many other things. April was great. April was also exhausting. So here's to a month of continued focus and work, with lots of breaks for me throughout it all! 


May Thangs

In case you missed it, I'm an artist-in-residence within Arts & Public Life at the University of Chicago. Every second Tuesday of the month, I offer a free mindfulness program, Seva. I hope to see you tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9th, at noon or 6 p.m. for mindfulness through sound and writing. Bring a journal and a friend. More info here.

Going through a rough transition period right now? Blooming into your next version of yourself and trying to remain present? Tracy G. and I have a word for you. I join her for her audio vision board Bloomville and share a word on remaining patient with the process. Enjoy and follow-up that audio bliss with this conversation Tracy and I had during my last trip to NYC!

Black Girl In Om Self-Care Sunday is always an incredibly rejuvenating and affirming gathering for women of color in Chicago. Good news: we're expanding! Starting in June, BGIO Self-Care Sundays are every second and forth Sunday of the month. I'm letting you know now because they always fill up fast. Sign-up today.

And this week we'll be announcing an entirely new ongoing series. Join the BGIO e-mail list on our website to be the first to know!


Know any women of color in Indiana, specifically West Lafayette/Lafayette, looking for an affirming space? Encourage them to sign-up for my upcoming yoga + self-care for women of color workshop on the 27th. I attended Purdue for graduate school, and began my consistent yoga practice while living there, so returning to this community with this kind of offering is very special for me! Click on the graphic below for more details.

Save the date: Party Noire is on Sunday, May 28th. We're announcing the theme tonight on Facebook. You won't want to miss out on our first official summer kickoff. 

Thanks for reading and, as always, be well!

Lauren Ash

New Mantra of my life: I am here to be self-compassionate and self-forgiving.

Mantra of the month: I find joy in discipline, knowing that it leads to self-discovery and personal development.