New Mantra of my life: I am here to be self-compassionate and self-forgiving.

New Mantra of my life:
I am here to be self-compassionate and self-forgiving. 

I recently have gone through a series of transformative experiences, all of which have brought me to this new mantra that I am embracing over my life. Read about them immediately below and be sure to continue reading til the end to see what I'm up to this month and where you can catch me (Chicago and Detroit, to start!). 

My first "omg what the hell is happening to me" moment: I spent five hours immersing myself inthe KonMari method, thanks to Kristyn Ivey. I'll be sharing more, in a forthcoming interview going live this week on Black Girl In Om, about how this approach to tidying, cleansing, and organizing your space can radically change your life, as it has mine. For me, it brought about a clearing and opening up for abundance. Ya'll, I quite literally dumped my entire closet on my bed, picked up each item one by one, and asked myself "does this spark joy?" If the answer was no, I said "bye"! And that's just the beginning...

The KonMari method allowed for me to feel present and joyful in my space, which led to my second major transformative experience: cultivating a consistent meditation practice in my home. Deun Ivory and I recently had a chat with Rosie Acosta of Radically Loved Radio that will soon be going live. After our chat, Rosie lovingly schooled us on all things Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga, it's amazing!) and informed me that based on my particular dosha, I should be meditating daily for 20 minutes.Because of my recent clearing of my home space, my spirit and body felt comfortable doing so. I've been meditating 4 times a week for 20 minutes and have noticed a radical shift in my approach to how to start my day, how I face stress and anxiety, as well as my ability to let things go, ever since doing so. Stay tuned for our forthcoming BGIO podcast episode with mindfulness expert Nkechi Njaka where I share more about how my consistent, and deeper mindful meditation practice has changed my life. 

And, my third recent transformative experience was The Immersion Hawaii, an immersive wellness and personal development experience in Hana Hawaii with Lululemon. I was invited to attend this yoga, kundalini, intentions and goals, and nature oriented experience alongside 49 other incredible people from all over North America. I created this album which shares some of my favorite moments. From practicing yoga daily with Baron Baptiste, founder of the style of yoga that I teach; to daily personal development workshops that ultimately led me to my new mantra, this trip was like pressing the reset button on my career and lifestyle and spiritual practices. Since returning to the US, I've prioritized way more time for ME and *shocker* others' have been even more blessed because of it. On Black Girl In Om, I'll be sharing more about how to incorporate holistic wellness practices into your everyday life in ways that are feasible and powerful. Stay tuned!

Overall, my new life mantra is rooted in my awareness that I'm not always compassionate toward myself. Guess what? That's normal. That's okay. It's what happens after becoming aware of my less than self-compassionate actions that's key. Will I wallow in self-pity and self-deprecating thoughts? I used to. Self-forgiveness is everything, my friends. Noticing that I've stepped outside of compassion and meeting that awareness with self-forgiveness is a practice that I'm invested it. So, my new mantra, at its core, is about mindfulness. And all of my new practices that have been sparked because of my new mantra, my new intention, positively impact and benefit others around me! I've made a commitment toward greater compassionate mindfulness in my every day: will you join me?

Thank God, it's June!

So, I've had a lot of wins lately. Some of which I can't announce just yet, but I'll be sharing in a second e-mail this month. As you may recall from a few months ago, I'm striving to be more proactive in celebrating myself and my wins! Join me this Thursday in Chicago for my celebration with Martini & Rossi! Simply reply back to me with your full name, and the name of your guest, and I'll get you on the list. Details below.


I'm headed to Detroit this weekend with my Party Noire collective for Allied Media Conference. Nick Alder, Rae Chardonnay, RJ Eldridge, and I are speaking on Friday at 2:00 p.m. Our panel, What Can A Party Change: On Party Noire and the Black Renaissance will explore our now nearly 2-years of Black Joy cultivation in the city of Chicago and beyond, using dance, music, and community as our primary means. We'll also be co-hosting a Black Independence Day party on Sunday evening at The Baltimore Gallery. See you there?

BGIO Self-Care Sundays, open to self-identified women of color, are now every second and forth Sunday of the month. We're already halfway at capacity for our session on Sunday, June 25th!Use my code: LAUREN + you get $6 off. I'm guiding yoga and meditation and will be breaking down some misconceptions about BOTH.


Speaking of Black Girl In Om, our recent podcast episodes with Hey Fran Hey and Dr. Tiffany Lesterhave been changing lives, including mine! Tune in on iTunes, or via the BGIO website!

Love, love, and more love!

Lauren Ash

Mantra of the month: I am here to be myself.

Mantra of the month: I am worth the same amount of energy, attention, and support that I give others. Actually—I am worth more.