Mantra of the month: I am here to be myself.


Mantra of the month:
I am here to be myself.

Being yourself takes guts. Especially as a black woman. We're not afforded much freedom to be ourselves in all spaces, all of the time. When I reflect on my life right now, I'm grateful. Over the past three years, I've been supported by my family, friends, and collaborators to be able to craft my career and lifestyle, which are often intertwined, by my own terms. And throughout it all: to be myself, always. This week, I release one of my most unique and true-to-myself projects yet (read on for your invite) and I'm so excited to hear your thoughts on it. But guess what: the project was for me. So it doesn't matter, as much, what others think.

This month, I invite you to join me in practicing the radical act of being yourself. Know that it might make others uncomfortable, but that the alternative is to inconvenience, or alter, yourself for others' contentment. And who on earth wants to live that way?

It's Cancer Season!

Ha, so I'm not a Cancer, but every time this year I find a lot of joy and experience many wins. So, I'm happy right now.

This past weekend, I was a part of something super special with Nike Chicago. Not only am I a founding member of new, badass woman collective Air Society Chicago, which exists to ignite creativity, fuel ambition, and inspire greatness in all women in Chicago, but I'm also a Nike trainer! Both new partnerships kicked off for me this weekend, as I guided dozens of Chicago's dopest women through yoga sessions. Read my latest blog post (finally!) about how I manifested my Nike trainer opportunity by living and acting on my intentions, desires, and values.
I hope it inspires YOU to live more intentionally every single day. And check out my playlist for your next home yoga or stretch session. 

Recently, I discovered that the Black Girl In Om podcast, hosted by yours truly and Deun Ivory, is one of iTunes' top health podcasts! As of today, we're sitting pretty at 56. This means that it's being embraced and listened to by lots of women of color around the world, which means SO much to me! Have you listened to our latest episodes? Please subscribe and give our podcast a rating so that it continues to gain visibility. You may find our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, your iPhone's podcast app, and the BGIO website.

Girlboss featured me and my journey with Black Girl In Om! (Pinch me.) 
On the entrepreneurial journey, I share:
β€œIt's a lesson that I've had to learn again and again: Putting self care first throughout your journey not only is going to benefit you and keep you balanced and sustained, but it's also really going to benefit your work. It's so important to do that from the beginning as much as possible.” Read more via the link above.

Where to vibe with me this month...

Today, yes today, I guide Seva: Cultivate Mindfulness at the Arts Incubator at noon and 6 p.m. This has been a 6-month long series I've been offering as part of my artist residency within Arts & Public Life at the University of Chicago. It's a free offering, always intergenerational and diverse. Will you join me?


So: this Thursday, I release something unlike anything I've ever done. I share my project, for you and for me, this Thursday night 6-8 at the opening reception for Remain to be Seen featuring works by yours truly, Yaw Agyeman, and Stephen Flemister. The past 10-months of my artist residency within Arts & Public Life at the University of Chicago have been incredible. And my preparation to share my work with you was really transformative. I'd love to share it with you. Can't make the reception? Join us for the after party immediately after the opening next door at super cute BING Reading Room, or Visit sometime during the run of our show, through August 25th.More information found here

More coming up later this month, in Chicago and Minneapolis! Another note will drop your way in a week, okay?

Love, love, and more love!

Lauren Ash

Mantra of the month: I am focused.

New Mantra of my life: I am here to be self-compassionate and self-forgiving.