Mantra of the month: I am focused.

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Staying focused takes discipline. Staying focused means saying no. Staying focused means setting up boundaries. Staying focused means choosing to vibrate higher daily (thank you, Lalah)! Staying focused means keeping myself well and making choices that ensure I stay healthy. Staying focused means I have a clear vision to where I want to go and who I want to be. So: I aspire to practice all of these things daily all throughout August.

Here are three of my personal best practices which I offer you this month that will help you stay focused: 

1. Try the Pomodoro method! The basics: working in shorter, more focused bursts of time (25 minutes = one Pomodoro) with small breaks in between leads to greater productivity. Throw multitasking out the window and try singletasking! I just got this Pomodoro method-based journal The Productivity Planner and it's already been helping a sister out! You don't need the planner to adopt the Pomodoro method. 

2. Cultivate self-care without fail daily. A 20 minute morning meditation. 15 minutes of journaling. A 30 minute at-home workout. A 10-point gratitude list. What makes YOU feel cared for? Embrace that. Every. Single. Day. Self-care practices encourage release. And the more free you are, the more focused you can be. I recently talked with my artist and mystic friend Chetna Mehta about her favorite self-care practices. Read about them here.

3. Say no to anything not aligned with this month's goals. So: first things first you gotta set up your goals, right? Make sure they are in alignment with your values (more on that here). Any opportunity that comes your way this month that doesn't support your goals doesn't matter. At least not right now. Stay focused on what YOU deem is most IMPORTANT.

I hope these tips help, let me know!

What's good, August?

Before I share what I'm up to this month, be sure to check out some of the fun things I closed July with!

I worked on an insanely awesome project with NYLON and Nike and shared my favorite spots in Chicago! All of my suggestions are good all year 'round, read on here. P.S. Those Air Max 97's though! [Insert heart eye emoji here, ha!] 


The Black Girl In Om Season Two Podcast is a WRAP! Season two was EVERYTHING and the process of creating it taught me that there is beauty in a struggle sometimes. We're one of iTunes' top health podcasts and I'm so grateful to be able to reach an enormous amount of women of color around the world with our conversations. Listen to our final episode of the season, inspired by Solange Knowles' letter to her teenage self, on iTunes, Google Play, or here


This month I split my time between Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. Here's what's up and where you can find me! 

Tonight, location isn't an option. Join me on Twitter at 6:30 p.m. CST for our Black Girl In Om Twitter Chat on Empowering our Sisters and Building a Community of Dreamchasers. Click the graphic below for more details on this #BGIOMindful Chat. I'm the special guest this time and am excited to share why cultivating sisterhood and supportive relationships with other women of color is so major for me!

This Saturday, join me at Party Noire! Founded by Nick Alder, DJ Rae Chardonnay, and yours truly nearly two full years ago, this is the space in Chicago for young, black women and femmes. We're all about Black Joy and this Saturday we celebrate the idea of Black Eutopia. RVSP and get tickets here for just $10.


On Sunday, join me in NYC for Project Beauty Expo! I join an amazing group of beauty and wellness experts for this intimate experience to connect about beauty, wellness and lifestyle as women of color. Join me, tickets are just $35! Visit to get your ticket!

Next week, I spend time in Baltimore speaking with and inspiring social entrepreneurs enrolled in Amaphiko, a Red Bull impact and social change academy. On August 15th, I'm a part of their Balanced event, inclusive of health and wellness activities. Join me, or invite your Baltimore friends to join me, for yoga and more! Details and RSVP here.

Mantra of the month: I am here to be myself.