I am my grandmother's child.

I am my mother's daughter. 

I exist as a spiritual and creative doula for the vision of women of color entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and world changers.

I create space for women of color to breathe easy through holistic wellness, mindful lifestyling, and intentional living. I do this largely through directing Black Girl In Om as well as through my life philosophy and the values that I express continuously throughout interactions in my daily life. 

I continue the legacy of my ancestors, the matriarchs who always and forever nudge us lovingly onward. 

And so it is.


You speak, I listen. I designed my new offerings, including Spiritual Downloads and Experiences to be in direct alignment with my personal passions and joys as well as the inquiries I've received between 2014 and 2017 in mind. I trust that these intimate experiences IRL and in the digital space will allow for you to explore, dream, and expand to your fullest potential with me, and I with you.

At this time, I do not offer one-on-one consulting. The more in-alignment way to engage with me around your magnificent ideas is through The Creative Conjuring or Mastering The Glow-Up.


Since childhood, I have enjoyed speaking to inspire others. Please visit my contact page to inquire about booking me through my management. Note that I particularly enjoy speaking about the following topics: 

  • Living in alignment and purpose—identifying one's values and intentions and centering them in all things personal life and career

  • Manifestation—what is it, how it shows up in my life, and specific tactics of this spiritual practice that can amplify one's personal development and career

  • Sisterhood—what healthy relationships with women feel and look like, and how to build them with intention and purpose

  • Breathing easy and creating space (self-care, and holistic wellness)—why these are vital for us to center as a lifestyle as black women, people of color, and creatives

  • My personal journey manifesting Black Girl In Om since 2014—the insights, aha moments, and universal truths and learnings from my experience


travel + workshops

I love traveling and sharing space with black women, people of color, and creatives. Visit my contact page to inquire about booking me through my management. 

lifestyle with ivory + ash

In 2016, Deun Ivory and I birthed the creation of Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash, a lifestyle goods brand rooted in affirmations and illustrations for women of color. Here's our website where you may shop for your sisterfriends and aunties, sign-up for Mastering your Glow, and reach out for custom projects, too!

I'd Love to work with you!

Keep your eyes out for when I’m hiring by staying in touch via my newsletter.


I have been teaching yoga since 2014. I carry a 200-hour yoga teaching certification in power yoga from Corepower Yoga and a 200-hour yoga teaching certification in vinyasa yoga from Get Loved Up. I strongly recommend Koya Webb's Get Loved Up yoga teacher trainings, especially for women of color. Learn more and sign-up using my affiliate link here